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German aeroplane hit from the field cannon in 1915World War I


At the beginning of November 1914 the workshops of Military-Technical Works were evacuated to Nis fortress.

 Underwater mines were produced in 1915. On September 17 1915 43 bombs were dropped on Kragujevac, mostly on the Military-Technical Works. On that occasion , an aeroplane was hit from the field cannon from Metino brdo (a hill above Military-Technical Works).

 Serbian Army retreated through Albania to Greece. Workers of the Military-Technical Works retreated together with the Army. A group of 400 workers of Military-Technical Works from Kragujevac embarked allied ships on January 11, 1916 in Drac and, according to the plans of Triple Entente, they were transfered to French military factories.


Workshop of Military-Technical Works around 1910In January 1919, at Paris peace conference, an information was presented that the damage that the Military-Technical Works suffered is 70% of its pre-war value.

During the same month, 400 workers returned from the French military factories and first repaired workshops were put to use in July.