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Bombarded factoryWorld War II

The factory befor the war was a European giant with 12,000 employees and 10,000 machines. Germany occupied Kragujevac and Military-Technical Works on April 11, 1941.


On June 4, the Management for economy and armament of Wehrmacht Headquarters, came to a conclusion that the most important industrial postrojenja in Kragujevac should be put to work in order to supply German Army. 

Clearing of ruinsOn July 22, German Headquarters decided to evacuate the factory againg and to take the workers to the Reich,  because they refused to do the tasks that the Vermach set.

On October 21, there was a mass shooting of people from Kragujevac in Sumarice. Among them, there were about 300 grammar school students and a large number of workers of the Military-Technical Works.

On June 22, 1942 Germans disassembled the trbines in the Works and moved them to the mines that worked for the needs of the Reich.



  Kragujevac and the Military-Technical Works were freed on October 21,1944. Military-Technical Works were completely destroyed during the World War II.

Military-Technical Works started to work on October 26. Of 12,000 employees that the factory had before the war, 670 returned to the factory.




Sub-machinegun in calibre 9 mm M 1944 B2Sub-machinegun in calibre 9 mm M 1944 B2 was produced during the same year.