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Name of the company: Zastava Arms
Date of foundation: October 27, 1853
Number of employees: 2079
Type of company: Joint stock company
Address: 4 Kosovska Str., Kragujevac, Serbia
General Manager: Rade Gromovic
Phone: + 381 34 301 137
Fax: + 381 34 335 349

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Web address: www.zastava-arms.rs

Civilian program: Sporting rifles, semiautomatic sporting rifles, pistols, air rifles, small-bore rifles

Military program: Automatic guns group, machine guns, sniper rifles, long range rifles, grenade launchers, cannons


Zastava Arms developed a wide range of products that are exported to over 40 countires in the world. It is 95% autonomous in production (only 5% are imported resources). Zastava Arms has SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and SNO 9000/05 certificates. The mission of the company is: maintain leading position in production of guns and cherishing of tradition, highly professional staff, whose education Zastava Arms sees as investment into the future, continuous endeavour to increase the level of quality, implement modern scientific achievements into technology processes that make a business system, maintaining and strengthening of trust of buyers and partners, expanding of distibutor network and the network of authorized service shops.

By decisions of the Ministry of Defense of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Zastava Arms became a part of Defense Industry of Serbia in 2003. There were  important dates for Zastava Arms in 2005 : March 10 – the Government of the Republic of Serbia rendered decision on support to the restructuring of the company; August 30 - from this date, Zastava Arms is on the United Nations list of proven suppliers with arms and military equipment. The support that the factory receives from the State of Serbia is very much important for its business.

For many years, Zastava Arms participates in most of domestic fairs of hunting and sporting guns, as well as in most important world fairs Shot Show – USA and IWA – Germany. Export makes 95% of the product placement of Zastava Arms. Zastava Arms has many partners in the country and in the world. The partners of Zastava Arms in the country are: Yugoimport SDPR, Army and Police of Serbia, and in the world, the most important are: Century Arms, USA; International Golden Group, UAE...