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SRPS ISO 9001:2008


Quality management system of Zastava Arms was designed with respect to standards SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and SNO 9000/05.

Statement on the quality policy, which is an integral part of business policy, defines basic principles and general decision of the managemnet of the company regarding the quality as the basis of business philosophy.

As Zastava Arms works in the environment characterized by very quick changes in market, economy, technology, society and politics, it was very important to accept strategic management – management with aims (standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008) as a permanent process od adaptation of our enterprise to the environment.



SNO 9000/05

In our enterprises, quality is understood as a concept of fulfillig of expectations and demand of buyers. This concept emphasizes the fact that even a perfectly produced item is of small value if buyers do not want it. Based on this, the usual concept of the enterprise - "from within towards outside" has changed into an enterprise based on marketing development concept,  from the demands of users and their expectations towards all functions of the enterprise.

The following is important:

- To have information on the demands of users, market movement and competition, to have feedback on the satisfaction of the users, to actively develop partnership with the users, find out the demands of the customets and encourage innovative activities,

 - To manage out key processes through the owner of the processes, to timely provide our products and services, develop cooperation with our suppliers, develop new products and fulfil demands and expectations of the users and wider social community in that way, to constantly develop quality management system and provide a product according to the demands of the users and with sustainable development and 


Quality Policy Statement- To constantly realize processes of permanent improvement in all fields of operation. All expenses created in this process are quality expenses. Nevertheless, we are responsible to exlude or minimize all unnecessary expenses created by unnecessary labour, reject, expensive input products, 


excessive stocks, breakdowns and stoppages. This gives us competitiveness, competitiveness keeps us in the market, enables growth and development of the enterprise. That is why the quality management system represents the main tool of management that wishes to realize business success of an organization in a modern way.

We provide quicker business cycles, make them measurable and controlled through quality management system and information technologies system. Use of quality standard is an integral part of business philosophy "quality means that you work well even when nobody is looking".

Representative for Quality

Slavka Backovic-Jeremic