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Pistol M88

Pistol M88 is a single action weapon, characterized by reliability and precision. 
The pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a safe system of locking and triggering.
It functions on the principle of short recoil of the barrel.
It is the ideal defense weapon, easy to handle and maintain.
The pistol is fed from a detachable magazine with secure fitting and releasing.
The pistol is put to safety position when the hammer is pulled "to the first cam". 
The pistol has fixed iron sights.
Metal parts of the pistol are made of high quality alloy steel. 
Handgrip covers are made of selected walnut or of polymer.
Standard finish is blue.

Additional Info

  • Caliber (mm): 9 mm PARA
  • Capacity (rounds): 8
  • Weight (kg): 0.85
  • Barrel length (mm): 96
  • Height (mm): 130
  • Total length (mm): 175