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Pistol CZ999 Scorpion

Pistol CZ999 is a modern weapon used as a service gun or a personal defense gun. Due to excellent design solutions, ergonomics, state-of-the art technology in production, this weapon stands out with its precision, accuracy and functionality.
The pistol is a semi-automatic weapon, functioning on the short recoil of the barrel principle.
Locking is achieved by vertical oscillation of the barrel, that comes into the hole on the slide.
The pistol can function as a single action or double action gun.
The pistol is fed from a double-stack detachable magazine.
The pistol has ambidextrous controls - it can be operated with rigt or left hand.
The design of the pistol is such that the same controls have several functions.
Loaded chamber indicator shows whether there is a cartridge in the chamber.
Sights are square, with white dots and they facilitate aiming at low visibility conditions.
The slide is made of high quality alloy steel. The frame is made of aluminium alloy. Handgrip covers are made of high impact polymer.
Standard finish is phosphatizing and painting of aluminium parts, while the steel parts are blued.



Additional Info

  • Caliber (mm): 9 mm PARA
  • Capacity (rounds): 10 / 15
  • Weight (kg): 0.92
  • Barrel length (mm): 108
  • Height (mm): 140
  • Total length (mm): 198