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Sporting rifle M07

sporting rifle M07 Match is based on popular Mauser action, which, in cmbination with heavy barrel, provides extremely high precision.
The basis of this rifle is M808.
Sporting rifle M07 Match has a stock of changeable geometry (changeable length and height), which provides the shooters to adapt the rifle to their body shape. 
The receiver is of polygonal shape and Picatinny rail (botha parts are made of one block of steel). 
adaptable, detachable bipod, are connected to the pin placed on the front part of the stock.

Additional Info

  • Caliber (mm): .308 Win. 7.62x54
  • Capacity (rounds): 5+1
  • Weight (kg): 5.2
  • Barrel length (mm): 650
  • Total length (mm): 1,192