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Submachine gun M92

Submachine gun M92 is a light and compact automatic weapon designed on the basis of Kalashnikov principle.
It is excellently balanced and with mild recoil, it confirmed its reliability in various environments.
It is a gas operated weapon, locking system is rotating bolt.
Safety of the shooter is ensured with a safety system that prevents firing before the weapon is fully locked.
The barrel is cold forged, and this method provides its long service life.
Flash hider masks the position of the shooter.
Fire selector has three positions: single shot, burst, safe.
Handguards are made of quality beech and the stock is metal, folding.
The weapon is fed from a magazine with the capacity of 30 rounds, which is the same for all automatic weapons in cal. 7.62 x 39 mm produced in Zastava Arms.



Complete set:


  • Submachine gun M92
  • 4 spare magazines
  • Sling
  • Blank ammunition attachment
  • Accessories
  • Handling and maintenance manuals 

Additional Info

  • Caliber (mm): 7.62x39
  • Twist rate (mm): 240
  • Number of grooves: 4
  • Magazine capacity (rounds): 30
  • Barrel length (mm): 254
  • Length,overall/folded stock(mm): 795 / 550
  • Weight (kg): 3.57
  • Weight of magazine (kg): 0.37
  • Rate of fire (rds/min): 620 ± 60

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