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Semiautomatic Sporting Rifle PAP

A lot of cartridges fired in a short interval, without pauses in aiming - that is the basic advantage of the semi-automatic sporting rifle. 

Kalashnikov system, the most popular operating system of semi-automatic and automatic weapons is applied in Zastava's semi-automatic sporting rifle PAP.
Semi-automatic sporting rifle PAP is suitable for various terrains and climates.
PAP has a safe and reliable trigger mechanism.
PAP has a polymer stock woth good ergonomy and it is excellently ballanced, which results in low recoil, small weight and very good compactness.
Barrel is cold forged.
This rifle can operate as a single-shot and a semi-automatic rifle.
Automaic safety system in this semi-automatic sporting rifle prevents firing before the bolt is locked.
PAP is fed from a detachable, single-stack polymer magazine.
Front and rear iron sights: rear - adjustable folding; front - adjustable post.
PAP ha a built-in optical sight mount, and the set can include optical sight mount and optical sight.
Semiautomatic sporting rifle PAP was made by modification of Assault Rifle M70. The fact that several hundred thousandof the basic weapon were produced, that this is the official weapon in many Armies of the world, speaks enough of the advantages and validity of the purchase of its sports hunting version - PAP.


Additional Info

  • Kalibar (mm): -
  • Kapacitet (metaka): -
  • Masa (kg): -
  • Dužina cevi (mm): -
  • Ukupna dužina (mm): -
  • Calibre (mm): 7.62 x 39
  • Capacity (rounds): 10
  • Weight (kg): 3.6
  • Barrel length (mm): 415
  • Total length (mm): 940